Jack and AJ Ferrel


About the Artist

Jack and AJ Ferrel
Jack and AJ Ferrel

Jack and AJ Ferrell - husband and wife are born in the state of Washington. They are renowned particularly for the art form of "Peinture Verre Au Feu" - Paintings of glass in fire, from 15th century France.

This painting is accomplished on a hand made clay tile background, which is a vehicle to present the exciting colorful glazes Jack Ferrell creates.

Jack Ferrell studied ancient mural design and stone lithography in Stockholm Sweden at Konstfackskolan in 1962-1964. He later produced one of a kind bronze and metal sculpture, oils and print making. This was the main menu of his appetite at Central Washington University where he received his B.A.

Currently equine sculpture and paintings of Hawaiian Figures are emerging.

One may discern Pacific Rim influence in his patterns and pallet.

His art may be found from King County Court House - Seattle, Washington, to West Palm Beach - Florida and encircling the globe.

Within restaurants, corporations, and residences many commissions grace the walls of enthusiastic clients. His paintings have been the exact perfect ticket for thousands - In their homes! In their palaces! They are cause for great excitement in the architectural arena.

AJ Ferrell has painted "Peinture Verre Au Feu" for nineteen years. Her background includes watercolors, prints, and jewelry design. She has represented Jack Leroy Ferrell since 1974.

Her lightning figure sketches, striking between bites in gourmet cafes, and florals - often ribboned with creatures of the sea, leave a paper trail that winds from Washington to Hawaii, through San Francisco to Florida, Quebec City, Shanghai and Paris!