About the Artist

Jonathan Swanz
Jonathan Swanz

Jonathan Swanz has been crafting art for over 18 years developing facility in a variety of media with a focused refinement in the glass techniques of blowing, casting, carving, and sculpting. He has worked with exceptional artists across Europe and the US, including Paris, Venice, Copenhagen, New York, Seattle, and Chicago. He has completed extensive commercial and residential architectural commissions in Cincinnati, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY, Honolulu, HI and New York, NY, and has pieces in the permanent collections of 21C Museum and Hillary Lyons of Louisville, KY, the Headley Whitney Museum of Lexington, KY, List Sotheby of Honolulu, HI and PNC Bank of New York, NY. Jonathan currently is studio artist working in Honolulu and serves as a part-time faculty member at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

He is an artist who is contributing to the historical dialogue of glass through participation in both the decorative arts and the contemporary art world. He continues to expand his use of glass through researching and developing multiple bodies of work utilizing distinct conceptual frameworks, a variety of technical approaches and a consistent personal aesthetic sensibility. "Tropical Abstract" is a collection inspired by Hawaii's ocean, flora and fauna crafted using traditional Italian and Scandinavian glass techniques.

2013 MFA, University of Hawai'i at M?noa, Honolulu, HI
1997-01 B.A in studio art w/ a concentration in glass and ceramics: Centre College, Danville, KY
2013-today University of Hawai'i at M?noa, Honolulu, HI: full-time lecturer teaching glass, ceramic, and sculpture
2012-13 Honolulu Museum of Art School, instructor Young Artists Program, ceramics
2010-11 University of Hawai'i at M?noa: t.a. for ART 130: intro to glass
2014 Tropical Abstract. Hawaii Modern Masters. Honolulu, HI Vibrant Matter. Lane Community College, Eugene, OR
2013 PULSE. Commons Gallery, University of Hawai?i at M?noa, Honolulu, HI
2012 Neither Created Nor Destroyed. Fendi, Honolulu, HI
2015 Expatriates. Manifest Art Research and Drawing Center, Cincinnati, OH
2013 Hawaii Craftsmen Annual. Linekona Gallery at Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI
JCC Commitment to Excellence. Linekona Gallery at Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI
2011 JCC Commitment to Excellence. Linekona Gallery at Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, HI
83rd Annual Honolulu Printmakers. Linekona Gallery, Honolulu Museum of Arts, Honolulu, HI
2013 John Young Scholarship in the Arts, University of Hawai?i at M?noa
2011 Partnership Scholarship, Pilchuck Glass School and University of Hawai?i at M?noa
2006 Merit Scholarship, The Studio at CMOG, Corning, NY
permanent collections
21 C, Louisville, KY
Headly-Whitney Museum, Lexington, KY