About the Artist

Kate McCavitt
Kate McCavitt

Trained as a Sumi-e (Asian brush) artist and self-taught in other genres, Kate McCavitt lavishes all of her colorful, textured contemporary paintings with the subtleties of Asian tradition. “My art is primarily abstract with elements of collage, often wrapping in the Sumi-e influences I studied for so long. From the Rinzai and Soto Zen masters to Diana Kan and Toko Shinoda, I am drawn to Asian art disciplines.” Many rich layers of fluid acrylics, varnishes, patinas and metallic gesso capture between them both the random events of experimental techniques, and ancient icons of Zen Circles, delicate chrysanthemum, circling human yin/yang figures, and representational foil spheres hand embossed by the artist. “The art of Maxfield Parrish has always influenced me. He was a master at layering singular transparent color washes that would create a depth that you could fall right into.

And Klimt…he stands alone for use of metallics; he is on the altar of perfection and early in my work I knew I wanted those golds and deep bronzes” Colors, ratios, philosophies, polarities and sequences all dance together within Kate’s unique abstract style. Her inspiration comes from nature, the fact of mystery in the Universe, and in trusting the random as a synchronicity.

McCavitt, a native of New York, lives and works next to a wildlife conservation corridor in Oceanside, California. She began painting in 1985, after having immersed herself in Oriental Philosophy since the late 1960’s. Between 1985 and 2001, while studying art under several California Asian brush artists, and seeking out experimental watermedia artists to learn from, she did corporate project management as owner of her own company implementing large communications networks. “I know much of my success in the art world has to do with my business acumen and skillsets learned from navigating complex enterprise projects. I’m good at solving problems and I’m tenacious; good artist qualities.”

Kate’s studio is in her home. She has self published a series of Limited Editions of her finest works and finds her gallery representation by exhibiting in the Art Expos in Manhattan, New York each year. Kate is currently represented by galleries in Coronado, Ca., Solana Beach, Ca., La Jolla, Ca.,Culver City, CA., Waikoloa, HI., Frenchtown, NJ., Greeneville, SC., West Palm Beach, Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Spring Lake, MI. In 2008, she moved to the international art world and is one of the few independent artists being represented in Dubai. Her work “WISDOM” is the cover art for the Zen Poetry book, “Must Be Present To Win” by Meg Withers, released in July 2006. Her work, “Demeter’s Walk” is the cover art for a new poetry book, “Persephone In America” by Alison Townsend.