About the Artist

Walfrido Garcia
Walfrido Garcia

As long as I can remember I was always surrounded by art. My Father left the Philippines for the United States when we were young . He wanted to give us a better opportunity for a better life. We met up with him 3 years later in 1972, in a small town called Victorville, Ca. He had taught art at the local school and his talents did not go unnoticed. Within a year or two he decided to move his family up to the bay area in a small town called Milpitas. I could remember my father's art gracing the walls of our house.

At the age of 14 I started taking painting lessons from my father. He taught me not only how to paint, but also how to teach. That proved to be the most valuable lesson. By the age of 17, I was teaching my own art classes, studying art at Ohlone Community College in Fremont, Ca., and hanging paintings in Devaux Galleries in Carmel. I was on my way to achieving my life long ambition, to be a professional artist.

During my last year at San Jose State university, I noticed a profound trend in the job market. Everything was headed towards computers. Even my chosen field, graphic arts was soon to be replaced by programs such as Quark, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I made a decision to try to make it as a professional artist within six years. If I didn't succeed, I would go back to school and continue my education. It was during a trip to Hawaii that I got my first break. I found a gallery to represent my work. That quickly led to other galleries on the outer islands. I was now selling paintings as fast as I could make them. My dream had come true.

My career got a giant boost when I met Wyland. He and I hung in Livingston galleries together and that was the first time I had seen his work. He decided to open his own chain of galleries and I got in on the ground floor. My work was now hanging with renown artists such as Roy Tabora, James Coleman and John Pitre. For the next 15 years I toured the world giving art exhibitions, meeting wonderful people and painting the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

I am currently Married with 2 children and painting happily ever after. My days are filled with hugging family and painting beautiful inspiring paintings. Not a day goes by that I don't thank the Lord for giving my parents the courage to leave their home for a better life for their kids. Thanks Mom, dad and God!