Daniel Moe Works

Daniel Moe

Daniel Moe was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1967. He received his Fine Arts degree in Hot Glass from The University of Wisconsin in 1991.

Being drawn by a powerful calling from the Big Island of Hawaii in 1999 was a key factor to further expand his connection to Mother Earth with his creative glass work. He currently lives and works in Puna, where he gets his inspiration from living with the volcano Kilauea just a few miles away from his home/studio. The Puna region is also known for its dramatic ocean waters. Waves eternally and passionately crash on the breathtaking lava cliffs moving Daniel to give birth to his ocean wave series.

Daniel finds tremendous support in integrating his creative energy through the daily practice of Kundalini yoga, which he claims keeps him disciplined, young and excited about life. Just recently, in 2018, Daniel lost his son after a very traumatic birth. A major life quaking event that changed the way he looks and experiences life in a very dramatic way.

He gives thanks for the positive impact of his brothers from the Mankind Project, the extraordinary support and love from his wife, and the driving force of his two daughters.  All of these being pivotal to the ongoing transformation and maturity of his glass work.

Although Nature is what inspires him the most, Daniel is constantly pushing his own comfort zone by learning/assisting with other glass artists and by taking part in stimulating glass programs at Pilchuck School. His main influences and some of the people who he has worked with are Karen Willenbrink, Benjamin Moore, Martin Blank, Pino Signoretto, Jacqueline Spiro, Jan Erick Ritzman, Lino Tagliapietra, Ed & Elena Schmidd, William Morris and others.