John Gibbons Works

John Gibbons

John Gibbons grew up making art in Northern California, encouraged by his father who is a painter and glass collector. He officially began his study of glass in 2003 at Shasta College and went on to earn a BFA in glass from California State University, Chico. After graduating, John moved to Cambria on California's beautiful central coast to work at Harmony Glass Works.

In 2011, he developed the Ocean Series while working as a resident artist at Cirello Gallery in San Diego, CA. Four years later he moved back to Northern California to open a hot glass shop in Eureka, where he continues to create his beautiful glass sculptures.

John’s Ocean Series consists of detailed vessels with starfish clinging to the sides, turtles riding on optical waves, and starfish clustered together in the shape of a crown. The organic reds and greens draw you into the depths, while the thick layer of clear glass makes his sculptures appear as though they have just been pulled out of the ocean.