Schaffer & Brown Works

Artists Justin Brown and Randy Schaffer and their team of glass artist create each glass piece with the “breath of aloha”, infusing it with their love for the islands and its inhabitants. Each hand-sculpted piece carries its own unique, magical quality that illuminates with the Hawaiian essence wherever showcased. Feel the spirit again and again by preserving your memory of the islands through Makai Glass.

The name "MAKAI" is Hawaiian and was chosen for its meaning, "toward the sea" or "ocean side". It's symbolic to the Artists because of their attraction to the island of Maui and their adoration of its mystical sea life and wave formations. It also incorporates the idea of movement, flow and reflection, which are all characteristics of glass and its evolution from hot molten lava-like fluid to the smooth, perfected piece you see today. Justin and Randy want you to feel drawn "toward their sea" of glass art, as one is drawn to the mysteries and beauty of the ocean.