Simon Bull Works

Simon Bull

Simon Bull's passionate creative vision originated from an exotic and inspirational childhood. The stark monochromes of a religious boarding school in England melded with the lavish tropical hues of his family home on the fringes of the South American ran forest like pigments mixing on a painter's palette. Simon absorbed the color and mystery of the jungle, with it's soaring trees rising like cathedral pillars, and it's swollen rivers adding the spice of danger to a magical landscape.

When the family moved to Hong Kong, the young artist encountered the beauty of Chinese brushwork; it's economy of line and energy of composition would have a lasting influence on him. It was here, at age eighteen, the the young prodigy held his first one-man exhibition.

Continuing studies in England allowed Simon to familiarize himself with the great art collections and attend a wide range of exhibitions. During his teens a growing desire for a more tangible spiritual reality led him to study the Bible, and eventually to find in the person of Jesus one who brought him peace, purpose and a sense of destiny.

While still in art school he married his childhood sweetheart, Joanna, and began to raise his family. The growing family, which would number four children, faced economic challenges until Simon's skills at printmaking led to the sale of print editions and the start of an enduring relationship with a number of London art dealers, and especially De Montfort Fine Art who represent the artist in the United States.

Throughout his early period, Simon painted the world he'd seen. However, as each year passed, a deeper current pulled at the artist. He was moving away from painting outward things; his canvases began to express an inner world of heart and spirit. Like a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis, the rich and vibrant style for which he has since become world famous began to find expression.

Worldwide success greeted the emergence of Simon Bull's new style. In 1997 and again in 2000, Bull was short listed for England's most prestigious art awards; winning outright the Artist's Print award for the United Kingdom's best selling artist printmaker and being short listed for the Published Artist Award, the first time any British artist has been short listed for the two awards. The formation of management companies in the United Kingdom and United States has brought his art to an ever-wider audience.