Patrick Parker Works

Patrick Parker

Born and raised in the Los Angeles beach community of Torrance, California, Patrick studied art at an early age. First learning watercolor techniques at the age of ten and drawing and design techniques at thirteen from various teachers, he furthered his art education at Loyola Marymount University, earning a Bachelors degree in Fine Art.

Soon after graduating, Patrick began his career as a graphic designer before transitioning into a full-time professional Fine Artist. Focusing mostly on ocean themed imagery, he carved out a niche in the surf industry creating beautiful “Fantaseascapes” with vibrant sunsets, palm trees, huts, sea animals, and powerful breaking waves.

For the 2016 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, Patrick was fortunate enough to have one of his collage works on mirror chosen as the featured art. The image was licensed to be produced on shirts, hats, boardshorts, as well as large window displays and during the live broadcast during the surf contests.  

Patrick currently resides in Maui, Hawaii. When not in the ocean playing in the waves, you will find him in the studio painting ideas that come to mind or bringing to canvas an idea that someone has commissioned.