Camille Ackerman-Dugan Works

Illuminating the Nature of Hawaii

Blending classic and modern styles, my palette is always changing. One of my goals as a painter is to reinterpret the beauty of my surroundings in timeless and serene images. The themes are often varied, but all are deeply rooted in the Hawaiian experience.

My creativity dates back to my years growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii. I was encouraged creatively from an early age. Possessing an endless imagination for painting, I found myself as a young girl preoccupied with my surroundings. The forests and beaches were my playground and inspired me to create art.

This strong desire to express myself through art now plays a dominant force in my life. Today, I very much enjoy painting on location: a tree and a beach, the seaside, or a woman picking flowers. I believe in color - always striving to match the feeling of what I see and making my compositions as simple as possible.

I feel an affinity to what is around me, and it is my hope to capture this spirit of life on canvas.