Vera Works

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My journey with painting and my love for the arts started over twenty years ago. After settling on The Big Island from LA., I enjoyed working with and around artists daily. My actual painting started in 2010 at age 46. I had just returned to Hawaii from 7 months of treatment at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center successfully surviving a Stem Cell Transplant. I remember when I was diagnosed I was told I had ten days to live.

I decided when I finished the treatment to pursue all the things I always wanted to do. Life is a gift...we can watch it go by or get to doing the things we think and dream about.

My abstract work is color expressionism. I use the colors to express a mood a place or a flow of emotions. I don't paint unless I'm in a zone. It's a happy zone where I have freedom to express much gratitude. Thankfulness causes you to have freedom to express.

My abstract pieces are created with great confidence in a whirlwind of mood and feeling. My primary colors express the bold twist and turns of life. Always to remind the viewer of the ever changing and constant moving elements of life. I love the fluid drag of color across a canvas. I typically will use multiple layers of color even on what would seem to be a single primary color. I have such freedom with my expressionist series. Color is very healing. I pour huge amounts of love into every canvas.

Art for me is a Soul expression: The little houses say "There's LIFE in there.” Hawaii is a Paradise on Earth and I want to share a little slice of Heaven with my collectors.

As I paint I dwell in an Atmosphere of Heavenly realms, I listen to soaking music and joyful songs of praise to God. I feel like the “Live,Love Life” art transfers Joy, Peace, Life, Love and Light to my collectors and to their homes.

I have three Children and have been a Big Island Resident for over 20 years. In that time I have seen countless moonrises. The moon lights the sky and moves across the clouds…as it moves…it LIGHTS THE DARKNESS.

Light always casts away the dark!!

Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the thoughts that I think towards you…thoughts of peace…for a hope and a future.