Roy Tabora Works

Roy Tabora

Romanticist. This is a title bestowed upon him by a collector years ago. Roy Tabora has been
painting professionally for over 36 years, in Hawaii, his island home he considers paradise.
Generations of collectors have enjoyed his works worldwide, captivated by his ability to hold
ethereal light in his oil paintings. Typically artists paint what they see. However later on Tabora
realized that there was something more significant and moving beyond what is seen by the
eyes, that is, what is felt by the heart.

 "I romanticize. What appeals to me beyond what I see, is how what I see makes me feel. It is
that feeling that I wish to express with my paints, always hoping to convey to the viewer the
energy and allure of this tropical paradise I call home.”

Through the years Tabora’s work has inspired fans and fellow artists in the US and abroad to
collect and make it a part of their lives. They consider Tabora’s art to be a family heirloom
worthy of passing down to the next generation. His originals and reproductions are highly
prized and sought after, primarily because they awaken and elevate their passion for life and
living. Yes, Roy Tabora is a romanticist.

There are many seascapes.
There are many seascape artists.
There is only one Tabora.