Welzie Works

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Welzie has created a unique style of art inspired by his surfing lifestyle and love for Hawaii. He combines the craftsmanship of building surfboards and artistic imagination to create his vibrant and happy resin surf art. The inspiration of Hawaii is reflected in each piece of his art. Using uplifting colors and imagery he captures the whimsical and fun energy of the Hawaiian lifestyle he loves so much.

Welzie’s original resin art pieces are all made similar to a surfboard, he is able to take his background of building surfboards and combine it with his style of art. This makes each piece a labor of love, going through multiple phases of sanding, polishing, glossing and illustrating to create each vibrant piece. He loves creating happy art to make me people smile. “Happy Art, Happy Home” is his goal in every piece.

Welzie has been a featured artist for the Greenroom Festival in Japan and the world famous Pow Wow event in Hawaii. He has collaborated on projects with artists such as Heather Brown and Maya Hayuk and you can find his murals hidden around Hawaii, California and Mexico. He still resides on the North Shore of Oahu where his private studio is located.